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Do you need a Web Girl?

Website Solutions

Looking for a new website for your business?

Or perhaps a makeover of your current website?

Large or small websites, Web Girl can help. From 1 or 2 informative pages which will get your name and contact info out there, to dozens of pages with the ability to add more at any time! My rates are competitive and I will work with you, working to find a solution that meets your needs and budget!

Each website is customized to fit the unique needs of your business, organization or community group. Included as well is my own set of Administrator Tools which will let you make changes to your website, anytime you wish, without the need to call a someone. However, ongoing support is still available!

Not sure what you want your new website to do? No problem. This is all part of the discovery process of building a new website. To get an idea, feel free to browse my portfolio, or an example list of features and tools

Intranet Websites

Any website built for the public, can also be built to use internally in any business or office. An internal website, also called an intranet, can be used to automate processes and functions you use in your business. Multiple employees can input and access data from multiple terminals on your business network, which can then be printed, saved to PDFs or exported to formats that Excel can understand.

Mobile Friendly Sites

Mobile Friendly DesignEach website will come with mobile friendly style sheets, which will allow your site to be more easily viewed on mobile phones and tablets.  These style sheets will increase font on menus and text, realigning the body of the site, and hiding elements that are not necessary.

If you are interested in a separate mobile site, which would have its own design and layout, a quote can be supplied. Separate mobile sites are handy when the features need to be altered slightly or the main design is not conducive to mobile phones.