Through my experience, I've found that the most important feature you can have with your Website is control.

I have had a few situations where I've taken over administration of a Website for a company, and the person that had previously built and hosted the site had moved on to do some thing else. Leaving the Website sitting in limbo, and the owner of the business with little to no NetFirms Hosting control over the information on the Website, or access to the password for the domain name they paid good money for.

Where you choose to host your Website is up to you. There are many very good hosting sites out there in Canada and the US. It's important to pick a well known, reliable hosting service, with guaranteed up-time, high monthly bandwidth, and plenty of features.

Canadian Web HostingWeb Girl can help you choose and set up your hosting services, as well as domain name purchase and more.  Everything will be under your company name, and you will be able to pay for your annual hosting and domains online.

Features include:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Site Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited DomainsDreamHost hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • SSH Access, SSL, FTP, Stats
  • CGI, Perl, Ruby, PHP, MySql
  • And many, many more features!

Bluehost HostingI can help you create your own account, which you will have full access to, and provide all password information for your records.


A domain is the website address for your site. These can be purchased through the same companies mentioned above, where your hosting is purchased.  The hosting is then associated with the domain you bought.

Choosing a domain name is important. It should be easy to remember, and spell, but needs to represent your business. When selecting a domain name,  you also select the suffix. This is the .com or .ca extension at the end of the domain.

Traditionally there were only a few suffixes to choose from. However ICANN, ( the non-profit group Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has won the right to expand the suffixes available. Some of these include:

Web Site Domains!

.online .global .site
.tech .space .news
.club .rocks .design
.company .life .website
.guru .photography .today
.solutions .media .world
.business .farm .forsale
.ltd .pub .sale
.capital .flowers .dance
.fish .games .restaurant
.coffee .menu .wine

And many many many more.

See a full list on GoDaddy.

For tips on keeping your domain information up to date, read my article here.



'' Erica designed our club's website and the entire experience was great. She did a wonderful job of making it intuitive for our members to use and informative for those interested in our Club. She was also very helpful and patient in training the club's website administrators. Erica has always been quick to respond to any of our questions and did a wonderful job of teaching us how to use the site. The manual she prepared has been a great asset. The website has been a tremendous benefit to the Shuswap Lady Striders. Would not hesitate to recommend Erica.
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