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Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM)

Not to be confused with a CMS which is a Content Management System. A CMS allows you to manage the content on your website, which is the back end administrator that I build into every website I create. A CRM is to track your customers, or clients. This can also track your sales, or services that you provide to your clients. 

CRM solutions organize and manage information about customers, and so are one of the most important tools. Sales and marketing staff can utilize to keep track of their leads and make sure they’re communicating with customers at the most opportune times.

How you collect your customers and their information can vary. They can be entered and managed manually by the staff. Or you may have an application form, and a customer portal where your customers can access and update their profile, and other services you offer. 

What do you do after you have collected this Customer information? You can start streamlining your interactions through:

  • Automatic Emails & Reminders
  • Other data collection
  • Applications for various services
  • Tracking of notes of interactions with each client
  • More


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Innovation through Diversity, Entrepreneurship and Adaptability 
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