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My Skills

The first time I built a computer program on a computer, I was in grade school. Grade 6 or 7 if I can remember that far back. It was called Turtle Logo, and is still used today, as a teaching programming language for kids. 

From there, I had the privilege to move onto Lego Logo, which allowed us to build cars or devices with Lego, and link it via cable to a computer and write code to make it move. (There was no wifi back in those days!). I was lucky and had a teacher in elementary school who was also a big computer nerd, and he fostered the curiosity of his students.

Once I moved onto high school I naturally took programming courses. And when it came time for post secondary school, there was no question what I was going to take. 

Since college I have worked with a variety of software platforms. The basics of programming stay the same, whether it's PC software or web software, and I have been able to bring all my years of experience forward to website development, allowing me to build a solid foundation for each website.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Database Design
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Brochure / Poster / Business Card Design
  • MS Word & Excel Development

Website Design & Development

My main area of focus is website solutions. Websites are customised to fit your business's unique needs. You will receive an administrator login to access the back end of the website, allowing you to edit your text, upload photos, and much more, anytime you wish.

Instead of using a template with hundreds of fields and features that you may or may not use, why not have one built that fits your exact needs, and can grow with your company? 


Recent Work Experience

The past five years I had been working part time for the Quesnel Downtown Association as their Social Media person, and for half of that time, their Executive Director.

Before moving to the Quesnel area, I had been contracting for the 4 years as the Web Developer for Lynx Technical Solutions, a computer repair and service business. Over the years I developed my custom CMS (Client Management System) tools was is included with every website we sold. At Lynx we designed and built about 85 websites for the local area, many with customised features from import tools, to advanced google maps and administrator reporting.

For over 10 years before that, I worked as a Technical Support and PC Software Developer for Digital Rez Software, a Campground & Motel reservation software company. My job was building user friendly software solutions for our clients, as well as helping with the more complicated back end development, and database design.

For a complete list of my work history, and experience, click on the link below