Transitioning Your Business to a new Domain Name

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Sometimes, a business will change owners, or perhaps gone through a rebranding process, which changes it's name, and logo. If you have gone through something like this, and want to change your domain name (your website address), do you know how?

It can be done, and relatively easily.

First step is to pick your new domain name, and make sure it's available, and then purchase it. You can search on most hosting websites out there for any domain and it will tell you if it's available, or bought out already. If you find one you like, and is still available, it's best to purchase it in the same account your current website is in.

From there, there are a couple options.

1. Have that new domain redirect over to your current website


2. Move your website, or upload your new website, to the new domain, and have the old domain name redirect people to the new one.

Entering in a redirection is easy enough for a tech to do in your website hosting account. Whoever you use to manage the setup and technical details of your website should be able to do this for you. It's a lot like forwarding your mail with Canada Post. 

You can also have as many domains as you want, and have them all redirect people somewhere. Basically, what this means is if they type in your old address, you will automatically be taken over to the new one, without having to type in anything else, or click on anything. This will let you start marketing your new domain name, while still keeping the old one for any of your customers who may not have heard you changed.

Domains can run anywhere from $9.99 a year and up, so many businesses will keep the old domain indefinitely at little cost. This is especially important if you still use email addresses with that old domain name.

For any more help on this, feel free to contact me, or your current web tech.

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