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Facebook News Feed vs Story

Monday, January 7, 2019

Facebook StoriesAs you may have noticed for a long time now, Facebook, as well as other Social Media Platforms such as Instagram, have a feature called Stories. When you add a photo to your profile, you have the option to add it to your regular news feed, or timeline, or to your story.

But what is a Facebook Story?

"Stories is effectively another News Feed, but one that relies on visual rather than written information. It adds new filters and effects to the camera, and requires you to select the Stories section, rather than just posting to Facebook as you normally would.

It relies on the camera so the phone is a more natural home for Stories, but you can post and edit them from your desktop, giving you the chance to create more polished videos."

Taken from an article on

Additions to your story do not show up in the news feed, or timeline, as any other post would. Your profile picture would show in the Stories section of Facebook, along with other friends who have stories.

Whether or not you use Facebook Stories is up to you. Try it out to see what you think.

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