Keeping your Domain Registration Information Up To Date

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Domain NamesWhen you purchase a domain name (a website address, such as:, there are a few important things to remember over the years during your ownership:


You will need to renew your ownership of your domain name every year. Some online companies will allow you to purchase 2 or more years at a time, and most will let you store a credit card number on file, so that when the renewal comes up, it will automatically charge your card, and send you an email notification. You will receive an email usually 2 weeks before the domain is due to renew just to let you know. If you have set up auto renewal, then you do not need to worry about it.

Login Information

No matter which online company you purchase your domain through, they will require you to set up a login name and password to access the Domain setup. It's very important to record the login information somewhere, either in a paper file, or on your computer somewhere. If there are many employees at the company you work for, having it on file ensures that down the road, the company can still get access to the domain if there was employee turnover, and the person who set up the domain account has left.

If you hire an outside company to build your website, they will need access to the domain to change it's DNS entries (to point the domain to the website hosting), or to help add a hosting package, so this login information will be essential. If you happen to misplace the login information, you will be able to contact the company you purchased it through to gain access. They will require some personal information that you provided when you set up the account in order to reset your password. Which leads into the next section.

Contact Information

To purchase and register a domain, you will be required to enter contact information: contact name, company (optional), address, phone, email address, as well as credit card information for purchase and renewal. This is the information that they may need if you lose your login information and need to reset your password.

When the domain is purchased, it is a good idea to provide an email address that will still exist, if that particular employee leaves the company. That is the email that renewal notices will be sent to. Since domains are renewed only once a year, it can be easy to forget about it during the normal course of business for your company.

As well as email information, it's important to keep an active credit card on file. If the renewal comes up and the card is no longer active, then the renewal will fail and you may lose your domain, as well as any email addresses and websites associated with it. If the email address is no longer active you may not receive notice that the renewal failed. Good news is that you usually have several months to renew the domain past it's expiry date before its released back to the public for purchase.

For any help with purchasing domains, feel free to contact me anytime.

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