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Fake Social Media Posts

Sunday, April 2, 2017

There is a lot of talk out there about fake news & fake posts that get shared through the web. But how do you know if it's fake or  not? There are a few websites out there that will post updates letting you know if they discovered a viral post is not real or not. It can take a lot of time to research these posts.

So here are a few examples to help you out. Some of these you may have seen on Facebook or Pinterest.

Male vs Female PeppersMale Vs Female Bell Peppers

This post has been going around for a while now. It claims that the seeds from 'female' bell peppers are better for sowing. Female peppers have 4 bumps, and male peppers have 3. This is complete hogwash. The number of bumps on a pepper vary, and have nothing to do with the sex. Basically, the flowers of a pepper plant are bi-sexual.

Read more here.

Blue StrawberriesBlue StrawberriesBlue Strawberries

I didn't even have to do research. The picture alone gave it away for me. It looks exactly like a picture out of photoshop that has had the colors skewed. The leaves have gone purple, and even a bit of the grass in the background, and the wooden box they are planted in has gone green. You cannot buy blue strawberry seeds anywhere.

Read more here.

Left over cut onions are poisonousLeft over cut onions

This claims that cut onions, if not used, will attract toxic bacteria, even overnight and cause adverse stomach infections. In fact, cut onions emit sulfenic acids which inhibit bacteria growth, and are fine stored in the refrigerator in a container for days.

Read more here.

Facebook will be charging to access

Regardless how authentic this may look, this is always fake. Facebook never has and never will charge it's members for access to Facebook. They make all their money from advertisements.

Post claiming you do not allow Facebook access to your photos

A status update saying you do not give Facebook permission to your photos etc, will never do anything. Once you've signed up and ticked the little box accepting the terms and conditions you've accepted those permissions. Status updates never alter that or anything similar to that.

These last two go around Facebook at least once a year, and is frustrating to see constantly re-posted and shared.

April Fools also doesn't help the situation any as thousands upon thousands of people make up fake posts in an effort to be funny. On any day I am very skeptical about most things I read on Facebook, on April Fools, I tend to ignore everything.

There are so many more they are hard to list. However, I will try to post updates on ones I see circulating Facebook or Pinterest.

For more up to date news on possible fake stories, follow Hoax or Fact on facebook.

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